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Have your say – increasing and improving local arts & cultural facilities

Have your say

NSW Government money for arts infrastructure in Penrith!

Penrith LGA is one of 15 Local Government Areas in Western Sydney, where the NSW Government is delivering WestInvest, a new $5 billion program to fund and deliver transformational projects – including arts and cultural facilities. These projects will improve community well-being and aid economic recovery.

WestInvest will allocate funding for future projects across six areas:

  • parks, urban spaces and green space;
  • enhancing community infrastructure such as local sporting grounds;
  • modernising local schools;
  • creating and enhancing arts and cultural facilities;
  • revitalising high-streets;
  • local traffic programs.

Community can have their say until the end of March 2022. It’s a quick and easy survey, so let the NSW Government hear from you about the arts and cultural facilities you’d like to see in Penrith.

Is it a new art gallery right in the heart of town? Big, beautiful projections and creative lighting? A moonlight cinema? New performance spaces? Upgrades to what we already have? Now’s your chance to share your thoughts.

Together we can build a thriving creative Penrith for generations to come.

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Photo: Teniola Komolafe