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Why join a Board?

It’s a very good question. Unpaid, and requiring of one’s time. But yet – incredibly rewarding.

With PP&VA currently calling for Board and Committee nominations, there’s a unique opportunity available to people in our local community to become a part of the bigger picture of arts and culture in the western Sydney region.

Western Sydney is changing rapidly, with ongoing development, more young people calling the area home than ever before, and new businesses lining the high streets.

It is important that an arts organisation’s programs, audience, management and governance represents and reflects its community – and being part of a Board or Committee is a great way to feed into a vision and direction, helping to ensure relevance.

In a nutshell, here are some of the top reasons for joining our Board (or Committee!):

  1. You get to share your perspective: bring new ideas and points of view to the table.
  2. You’re part of something bigger: a vision of a cultural future for the region.
  3. You get to understand how the organisation works – all the moving parts that come together to create something that the public only sees a small fraction of.
  4. It’s a service to both your community and the arts community. Both are important.
  5. Not only do you get to have your voice heard; you also hear from others and gain new perspective.
  6. You’ll be in good company – and you’ll get to meet new people.
  7. It’s a great chance to be challenged – to problem solve and think beyond the everyday, and to learn new things.

Finally, in the words of one of PP&VA’s current Board members, and the Chair of our Education Committee, Cathy Jarman:


“I have enjoyed serving on the Board with like-minded people who have broad expertise and experience in a range of professions and settings. It has been a great opportunity to serve the community through contributing to the growth and development of an exciting and unique entity. There are not many organisations that integrate visual arts, music, dance, theatre, technology and collaborative projects in the way that PP&VA does. I am proud of what PP&VA offers the community for them to experience all artforms, and the support that PP&VA provides to emerging artists in a professional setting. On a personal level, I have learnt a lot about networking, financial planning, meeting structures, governance and council work.”


So, what next?

Hop on over to the PP&VA Board & Committee Nominations page, download a pack and fill in an application form. Deadline is 15 August. And please share with others who might be interested.